How to Spy on Someone’s Messenger for Free: The Top 5 Apps

How to Spy on Someone’s Messenger for Free – According to the latest data, there are more than 900 million active Facebook Messenger users. Of course, the concentration of users varies based on where in the world you are. We don’t want to know why you would need to use a Facebook Messenger spy app without a target phone. We’re here to deliver.

The Best 5 Facebook Messenger Spy Apps Without a Target Phone

How to Spy on Someone’s Messenger for Free

Reasons to Spy on Facebook Messenger Secretly

Although we promised we won’t ask what you’re using it for, we want to outline some use cases that you may not have thought of just yet.

  • Facebook has lots of content that is not safe for children.
  • You may want to monitor whom your children talk to and about what.
  • You may suspect your spouse or partner is cheating.
  • You may want to protect family members from harassment.
  • You may want to spy on a colleague’s phone to see if they’re spreading rumors about you.

The list can keep going depending on where you live and exactly who you’re planning to spy on.

How to Spy on Someone’s Messenger for Free

As promised, we’re here to deliver what you’re looking for: Facebook Messenger spy apps without a target phone for free. So, here are the top 5 spying apps you can use right now.

mSpy: The Best App Monitoring and Blocking Tool

With a very simple installation process followed by unique features like application blocking, screen recording, keylogging, and location tracking, mSpy is truly a one-stop solution if you’re looking for remotely install cell phone spyware for Facebook.

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You can track the messages (even in group chats), view all shared media, and track what they type on the keyboard. Moreover, you can install mSpy remotely using iCloud sync, so there’s no risk of someone catching you.


The next best option to spy on literally anyone is Eyezy. The company takes pride in its installer. We agree because it’s very intuitive with clear instructions on what to do. To install Eyezy you just need to:

  1. Create a free account.
  2. Choose your subscription plan. 
  3. Check your email for further installation instructions. Choose your installation option: iCloud, Wi-Fi sync, or direct setup.
  4. Install Eyezy on the target’s phone.
  5. Enjoy all the available features!

The dedicated Facebook monitoring feature is the highlight for us, which not only allows you to see text messages but also pictures!

Last but not least, other Eyezy features include a location tracker, a call and message tracker, a web and app blocker, and a files finder.


Cocospy is yet another parental control tool that you can use to learn how to spy on Facebook messages free without the phone. You can simply use the app in the demo before you buy it!

In terms of the drawbacks of Cocospy, the monitoring window is very limited for Facebook, as it’s designed as a holistic spying app.


In case you want to use your laptop or Mac to monitor someone’s messenger for free, Hoverwatch is a good choice. Unfortunately, it’s missing important features like a keylogger and screen recording. But on the bright side, it can take periodic screenshots and send them to your device.

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Just like the king’s guard is sworn to protect the king with their lives, KidsGuard is sworn to protect your children from the wrath of the internet with its features. It’s especially known as a social media-focused parental control tool. You can track up to 3 devices and see what they’re doing on Messenger at once. There is a dedicated “Facebook” tab on the app!

The one thing we didn’t like about this free Messenger spy app is its user interface. It could be more intuitive.

Final Thoughts: Spying for Their Own Good

Whatever your reason for spying is, we like to believe it’s for their own good. When choosing an app to spy on someone else’s Facebook Messenger, pay attention to its functionality and usability. Considering all these apps, our choice is mSpy and Eyezy which will allow you not only to spy on Messenger but also to monitor other social media effectively.

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