NordLayer VPN Review: Secure VPN for your Business

NordLayer VPN Review – There are many requirements for operating an effective business, consisting of protection from cyber risks such as information violations and hacks. A job that’s ending up being progressively necessary yet challenging with remote functioning. NordLayer, a Business VPN, promises to take that chip off your shoulder and offers a protected network access service.

NordLayer VPN Review
Source: NordLayer

But is NordLayer the right service for your business? How does it fare in contrast to its rivals? Should you delegate NordLayer or give it a pass? Let’s find out.

What will NordLayer offer to my business?

Remote functioning or otherwise, most companies depend on network access for interaction, sharing files, research, daily jobs, networking, and so on. And while sharing and accessing these private files, chats, information, and so on., they subject themselves to cyber risks.

NordLayer helps develop a protected network in between all the workers, ensuring all network tasks and information exchanges are secure from spying eyes. Theoretically, it works much like the VPN apps we use. However, this is scaled to handle small to medium-sized companies and groups.

Multi-layered network security features within your reaches

Nord is among one of the most prominent gamers in the VPN market. And NordLayer brings all that benefits of solid security, efficiency, and depend the table.

It utilizes a multi-layered structure, SASE (Secure Access Service Edge), converging software-defined networking, and cloud-native security. Basically, it helps avoid and eliminate any external and interior risks.

Plus, a No Trust plan, i.e., ‘trust none, confirm all’ concept protects and limits access to the company network. And in between both procedures, NordLayer offers a hold of security features listed here.

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NordLayer VPN Review

Additional security

  • AES 256-bit file security
  • 2FA
  • Biometric verification
  • SSO (Solitary sign-on) – Sign in via Msn and yahoo, OneLogin, Azure, or Okta
  • Auto-connect
  • Jailbroken device discovery

Risk management

  • ThreatBlock – Protection from malware, ransomware, and infections
  • Common web servers – Securely connect to 30 locations worldwide
  • Custom DNS

Network Management

  • Site-to-site – Dedicated entrances to securely access the company’s LAN
  • Network segmentation – Limit access to specific sources such as Torrents, social media websites, and so on.
  • Dedicated IP / Fixed IP
  • Dedicated web servers & Private entrances
  • Wise Remote Access

Keep in mind: The system will quickly also include NordLynx (WireGuard), that’ll provide the efficiency benefits WireGuard, without impacting your personal privacy.

NordLayer user experience

Here is where NordLayer takes significant factors. Unlike its rivals, the system is pretty easy to use. You will not always need an IT man to set up and set up points for you.

The beginner-friendly, hardware-free user interface allows you to easily produce a company ID and visit. Plus, welcoming your group aboard is as simple as going into their e-mail ID online dashboard. After receiving the welcome, staff member need to register with their e-mail ID and download and install the suitable application for their devices. NordLayer VPN Review

The dashboard

The heart of NordLayer is its internet dashboard. Here, you can include users, manage networks, and obtain a summary of your company, groups, and staff member. Plus, set the defaults that’ll be complied with by every device such as enable eliminate switch or biometric verification.

NordLayer business VPN Dhashboard

And if chose the Advanced plan, you can also produce custom entrances, dedicated web servers and decide which information/solutions groups are privy to. Although NordLayer does not let you monitor user task thoroughly, simply the last login time and device name. NordLayer VPN Review


Let me begin by valuing that NordLayer has an application for almost very important systems, iPhone, iPad, Android devices, Mac, Home windows, Linux. So, nearly all your workers will be basically protected under the umbrella.

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What’s more? The apps are also very user-friendly. It does not request 10s of consents or places up lingo, enabling also a non-techie individual to easily navigate through it. NordLayer VPN Review

NordLayer business VPN iOS app overview

I should include that the application is pretty basic. You can enable/disable the link and visit Choices to transform on/off certain setups. And that is about it, no unique features that you are privy to when using an individual VPN application.

Additionally, each user can install and access the application on up to 6 devices, ensuring that they can access the web server anytime and anywhere. NordLayer VPN Review

Speed, efficiency, and various other features

No VPN test is complete without a rate test contrast. And while NordVPN offers among the quickest VPN procedures, I had high assumptions from NordLayer.

The speed with NordLayer Off

Speed before enabling NordLayer

The speed with NordLayer On

Speed after enabling NordLayer

I observed a considerable decrease in speed throughout my several tests, which may be a bummer. (My internet had not been carrying out its best on the day of the test, some backend issue from the provider, which could have affected the outcome.)

However, the silver cellular lining to this dark shadow is that NordLayer will quickly be implementing the WireGuard-based NordLynx procedure, known to deliver broadband. So perhaps, the speed might not be a problem for lengthy.

Is NordLayer smooth enough for your business?

Interface 95% Features 85% Security 95% Speed 85% Worth for money 90% NordLayer is certainly a plain sailing app; it flaunts user friendly solutions and apps. The benefit is that the entire system has almost a diy feel, and also if the IT man is missing out on, points can be managed.

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However, the other hand of these is that you will compromise on monitoring manages and features that rivals and their pretty complex systems need to offer.

Overall, the NordLayer is great for a fledgling company or small-mid-segment companies, that prefer user ease without jeopardizing their personal privacy.


  • Easy to use
  • Multi-layer protection procedure
  • Suitable with several shadow solutions and systems
  • Effective eliminate switch


  • Fairly limited web servers
  • Limited monitoring manages for user tasks


  • Basic – $7/user/month billed yearly
  • Advanced – $9/user/month billed yearly

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