Salesforce for Small Business Reviews 2023 You Should Know

Salesforce for Small Business Reviews 2023 – Synonymous with CRM software (to the point that its stock ticker symbol is “CRM”), Salesforce is the 800-pound gorilla in the customer relationship management space. Its software connects your teams with your partners, customers and prospects through products like Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Marketing Cloud and more. They’ve also acquired additional tech over the years to round out their offering, including Tableau, Trailhead and, most recently, Slack.

Salesforce carved its place in the CRM marketplace by launching as a software-as-a-service (SaaS) company, then popularizing the idea of a cloud-based platform for software. It was founded in 1999 by Marc Benioff, who previously was the vice president at Oracle, a computer software company, with the goal of making software purchases easier. Salesforce achieved this convenience by providing a platform where companies could subscribe to CRM products as needed.

Salesforce for Small Business Reviews 2023

Salesforce for Small Business Reviews 2023
Salesforce for Small Business Reviews 2023

Using Salesforce, companies can track customer activity, manage sales and marketing pipeline, target their audiences, collaborate internally, market to customers and more.

Salesforce helps users to:

  • Track leads coming from campaigns, take action on insights, and score and route leads.
  • Access customer data like contacts and communication history.
  • View a detailed timeline of customer activity and track the deal stage.
  • Create and track quotes and orders.
  • Forecast sales and revenue based on key performance indicators.
  • Create workflows to automate business processes that involve manual tasks like creating custom proposals.

For the sake of this Salesforce review, we’ll focus on core CRM capabilities so we can compare apples to apples with other CRMs. We won’t cover topics like Salesforce Ventures, solutions around Sustainability or Learning or acquired brands like Tableau, Mulesoft and Slack, as those deserve their own dedicated deep dives and comparisons. Salesforce for Small Business Reviews 2023

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Overview of Salesforce Reviews

Salesforce for Small Business Reviews 2023

Overall, Salesforce earns a Great user satisfaction rating, and 86% of users would recommend Salesforce. (User reviews data aggregated by SelectHub from 25,000+ reviews across five well-known software review sites.)
Based on data collected from those reviews, we’ve curated the following pros & cons:

User-friendly: The software is easy to use and doesn’t require technical knowledge, making it easy to adapt. Many users also found its AI capabilities very intuitive.Cost: Most reviewers noted the pricing to be on the higher side, especially for small businesses.
Highly Customizable: The platform offers endless customization opportunities, and the level of personalization helps easily manage tasks.Clunky and Slow: The software is slow to load at times, takes time to install and is heavy on the network. Reviewers suggest not running it on mobile network connectivity to avoid poor speed.
Tracking: The software has robust features to track opportunities, leads, sales, clients, invoices, campaigns, contracts and more.Interface: The UI and interactiveness of the application is outdated and needs an upgrade. Many reviews mentioned that it’s difficult to navigate the system and requires a lot of training.
Accurate Data and Analytics: The system offers a catalog for data and analytics and categorizes tasks using performance metrics.Weak Automation: The marketing automation feature doesn’t allow users to generate suggestions and implement organizational conversations, leading to difficult functionality.
Communication Tools: Automatic call recording and records of emails and calls improve customer communication. The software also streamlines communication through integrations with several apps.Too Many Features: The system offers several features that aren’t always useful. Many users found some additional features complex and unnecessary for their needs.


As an undeniable powerhouse in the CRM space, Salesforce’s tracking, AI capabilities and data analytics enable optimal performance. User reviews also say that the high level of customization, integrations and communication tools make it an asset for businesses of all sizes.

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While the software is user-friendly according to some, reviews specifically say its interface is outdated and needs an upgrade. Weak automation and an overload of features can make it difficult to navigate, according to users. Other common complaints are that it’s priced on the higher side, takes time to load and requires a significant amount of training. Salesforce for Small Business Reviews 2023

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