What Business Does Yara from 90 Day Fiance Have?

What Business Does Yara from 90 Day Fiance Have? – Yara Zaya is a Ukrainian reality TV star who appeared on the eighth season of the popular reality show “90 Day Fiance.” She is now married to fellow cast member Jovi Dufren, and the couple had their first child in 2021. What Business Does Yara from 90 Day Fiance Have

What Business Does Yara from 90 Day Fiance Have?

While on the show, Yara mentioned that she had her own business in Ukraine, but she didn’t reveal many details about it. So, what business does Yara from 90 Day Fiance have?

Yara’s Fashion Business

According to Yara’s Instagram account, she is the founder and owner of a fashion business called “Yara Zaya Collection.” The business appears to focus on clothing and accessories for women. On her website, Yara describes her brand as “a fusion of European chic and American luxury.” She also notes that her designs are made for women who want to “feel confident, elegant, and feminine.”

Yara’s Instagram page features photos of her wearing items from her collection, as well as photos of other women modeling her designs. The clothing appears to be high-quality and stylish, with a focus on neutral colors and classic silhouettes.

Yara’s Online Store

Yara’s fashion business operates primarily online, with an e-commerce store where customers can purchase her designs. The website features a range of products, including dresses, tops, skirts, and accessories like bags and jewelry. The prices are relatively high, with most items costing over $100.

Customers can also follow Yara’s fashion business on Instagram and Facebook, where she shares photos of new products and promotions. She occasionally offers discounts or coupon codes to her followers.

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Yara’s Business Before 90 Day Fiance

Yara'S Business Before 90 Day FianceSource: bing.com
While Yara’s current business appears to be focused on fashion, she previously had a business in Ukraine that was related to the beauty industry. In a Q&A on her Instagram page, Yara revealed that she used to have a salon where she provided services like eyelash extensions and makeup application.

It’s possible that Yara’s experience in the beauty industry helped her transition into the fashion business, as both industries are related to personal appearance and style.


Yara Zaya’s business, “Yara Zaya Collection,” is an online fashion store that sells clothing and accessories for women. The business appears to be doing well, with a range of high-quality products and a strong social media presence. Yara’s previous experience in the beauty industry may have helped her transition into the fashion business, where she has found success. If you’re a fan of Yara’s style, be sure to check out her collection!

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