13 Korean TV Series You Should Watch

13 Korean TV Series You Should Watch – If you’ve ever watched Kdrama or Korean TV series, you’ll understand how enticing they are. Yet, if you are just starting out in this world, we must caution you about the dangers of addiction.

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Certain Kdramas are so distinctive that they will hook you on Korean culture. And in this piece, we’ll go through the finest Korean TV series you should watch. Additionally you can download VPN for Korea. It is with him that you will have additional opportunities to watch Korean films and TV series around the world.

Although being on the market for a long time, these Korean dramas have earned popularity across generations.

What Is Korea’s Most Popular Kdrama?

The appeal of these K Dramas is due to more than just the stars. Not to mention the great storyline and screenplay.

Sky Castle was the most popular of numerous popular Kdramas. Despite being a modified version of Desperate Housewives, it has a large fan following and centres around a group of moms who live in the same neighborhood.

The Top 13 Korean TV Series You Should Watch

1. Squid Game

If there is one series that has grown in popularity, it is the Squid game. One of the well-known Korean dramas that achieved fame with a different narrative from their usual love comedies. The plot revolves on a cash-winning game that, if they fail, would wreck their lives.

2. Crash Landing on You

Despite the fact that it is a South Korean series, this plot takes place in North Korea. Because to paragliding, the female lead inadvertently visits North Korea. She meets the male actor here, who assists her in leaving the nation. This series was inspired by a true story.

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3. Kingdom

If you enjoy zombie flicks, this K drama is an excellent choice. The tale revolves on a disease king who resurrects and spreads a fatal sickness that affects people throughout the realm. The representation of zombies, along with tension and horrific moments, makes it far superior than previous Zombie series or films.

4. It’s OK To Not Be Okay

This is a psychological drama about recovery and personal harmony. The plot will show you how having a fault is a frequent requirement and nothing to be concerned about. A wonderful screenplay and emotional sequences keep the narrative fascinating.

5. Sky Castle

As previously said, Sky Castle is about a group of ladies that live in the same neighborhood. The plot of this film is similar to that of Desperate Housewives. It illustrates how these moms work hard to educate their children at one of the country’s premier colleges. The plot revolves around their daily lives and the minor issues they experience.

6. Vincenzo

This series gave its followers with 20 fantastic episodes that made the investment worthwhile. Despite the fact that it began with a crazy tale, the plot develops into a wider picture. It centers on a Mafia lawyer who will go to any length to win a case.

7. Sweet Home

Sweet Home is another successful zombie film in which people transform into Monsters. The narrative drives a group of other humans to fight against these monsters in order to survive and maintain their humanity during the battle. This is a must-see for zombie enthusiasts.

8. Descendants Of The Sun

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Finally, this is one of the greatest romance storylines you’ve been looking for. The story follows a special forces officer and a surgeon. Regardless of their professional obligations, they work hard to keep their love alive. The chemistry between the performers is responsible for the series’ critical success.

9. Strangers

This film, also known as Strangers From Hell, is about a young guy who leases a new home and notices odd activity in the kitchen. It is a psychological thriller drama, and the narrative line has been substantiated by the show’s excellent performers and directors.

10. 100 Days, My Prince

Despite the fact that the prince loses his memories in an accident, this narrative is a pure fiction play. The Kdrama was one of the highest-rated dramas on cable TV when it debuted in 2018.

11. Love to Hate You

A lady who despises losing to men and a man who is skeptical of women share a combative relationship. They ultimately discover how much they adore each other. As the ancient proverb says, there is a fine line between love and hatred; love prevails despite gender distrust.

12. Extraordinary Attorney Woo

Extraordinary Woo Young-woo, an autistic lawyer reared by her single father, is the protagonist of Attorney Woo. Dong Geu-ra-mi, an unusual girl who shields her from school bullies, is her only friend at school. She graduated first in her law school class from Seoul National University. No one will hire her because she is autistic. She does, however, get her first job at Hanbada, a prominent Seoul legal company, thanks to a link made by her father. Attorney Woo’s brilliance and photographic memory assist her in becoming an exceptional lawyer since she can memorize laws and anything she reads, sees, or hears precisely.

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13. Business Proposal

After agreeing to replace her friend, Jin Young-seo, whose father had organized it, Shin Ha-ri goes on a blind date. The aim is for Ha-ri to be “rejected” by her potential mate. It all goes wrong when her date turns out to be Kang Tae-moo, CEO of Go Food, where Ha-ri works. Tae-moo, who is under pressure from his grandfather Kang Da-goo, the chairman of Go Food’s parent company, to go on blind dates with suitable marriage partners, decides to marry his blind date partner to avoid going on the rest of the dates, unaware that she is the fake Jin Young-seo or that she is his employee, which she assiduously tries to conceal.


All of these shows are well-known across the world and are available to watch in most parts of the world. If it’s not accessible in your location, try a VPN app. Examine honest evaluations to ensure that the service is dependable.

Each drama is a must-see for any Kdrama lover, and you may start watching them from this list. The majority of these Dramas are available on internet streaming platforms, and their premium fees are accessible. There are numerous websites that offer this information for free.

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