BTS Released ‘Door’ Version Concept Photo 2022

BTS released a new concept photo for their new album, “Proof”. BTS posted the concept photo “Door” version of their new album to their SNS on the 31st. It was received well by fans all over the globe, as it had a different feel than the previously released “Proof” version.

Concept photo ‘Door” version shows the moment that BTS, who took their own route and set a record that will be cherished in history, opened a new door.

The concept photo of the “Proof” version highlighted the determination of BTS. They have fought prejudice and oppression over the past nine years. However, the “Door” version takes the steps taken so far to make a new history. It expressed its desire to continue moving forward. The contrast between the backgrounds of the two versions and the contrast in the colors of the costumes (which are divided into black or white) symbolises the past and future respectively of BTS.

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BTS stands in a suit with a white background and looks serious while maintaining a calm aura. To create a sophisticated and calm image, the clothes were made from warm and soft colors.

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0004626302 008 20220531074005219
0004626302 004 20220531074005191

Each cut is a reflection of the individuality and character of each member. They used a white cloth to create a calm, optimistic atmosphere. BTS, which is in harmony with the light-flying white cloth, encourages you to look forward for the “best moment” that awaits you in the future.

BTS will release the new album, “Proof” on June 10. This anthology album contains BTS’ history for 9 years. It consists of 3 CDs that contain the past, present, and future.

0004626302 002 20220531074005177
0004626302 005 20220531074005198

BTS is setting new expectations with the release of various contents from ‘Proof’. They plan to release more concept photos on June 1st, 2nd.

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