BTS Released ‘Proof’ Version Concept Photo 2022

BTS has released a proof version of their concept photo to draw attention to themselves and their fans.

BTS shared a concept photo of their new album, ‘Proof’ via their official SNS on the 29th. This is the same concept photo for ‘Proof’ as the previous one, but it includes close-up photos of each member.

The group photo was focused and intense, but the close-up photos of the members stand out with 7 different charms. The members look at each other with confidence as they are hit by a blue laser beam, which appears to be aiming at a target.

“Proof” is an anthology album which depicts 9 years of activity since BTS’ debut. BTS’ history is also represented in the concept photo of the ‘Proof’ album. It depicts how they have overcome hardships and overcame prejudice and oppression. The concept photo ‘Proof’ contains members’ thoughts on the past, present, and future of BTS. It will be released June 10th.

BTS will be visiting the White House (local time) on the 31st of October at the White House upon an invitation by US President Biden.

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