How To Delete Messages On Patreon? [Solved] 2022 – Best Answer

How do you delete chats on Patreon?

To delete a chat on Patreon, you can use theDelete Chat link in the chat’s settings.

How do you send a message to all your patrons on Patreon?

To send a message to all your patrons on Patreon, we use our patron messaging system. This system allows us to communicate with patrons in a secure manner and ensure that all patrons are treated equally.

What happens if I block a patron?

If you block a patron, the restaurant may need to close.

How do I hide comments on Patreon?

To hide comments on Patreon, you can use the following code in your Patreon settings:
[commented_status] => closed;

n creators see my email?

Yes, creators can see your email if they are subscribed to your account.

Do Patreon creators respond to messages?

Yes, Patreon creators do respond to messages.

Does Patreon have a chat function?

Yes, Patreon does have a chat function. You can find it under the “My Patreon” tab.

What is the point of Patreon?

Patrons are able to support creators by pledging money each month, which allows them to receive exclusive content, access to patron-only events, and other benefits. Patreon also allows users to connect with other creators and learn more about their work.

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