J-Hope and Nayeon Dating Rumors

Soon after V BTS and Jennie BLACKPINK were rumored to be dating, it was J-Hope TWICE and Nayeon TWICE that became involved in the dating rumors.

This dating Rumor began when J-Hope & Nayeon uploaded photos of themselves at the same French restaurant.

Many fans speculate that the angle from which the photos were taken suggests that they were visiting the restaurant together.

Nayeon J Hope 3.jpeg

Nayeon, J-Hope, and J-Hope ordered the same meal at the restaurant. This made the suspicions of fans even greater.

At this time, hybe Entertainment and JYP Entertainment, as well as TWICE and BTS agencies, have not yet responded to the rumors.

J Hope 1
Nayeon 1.jpeg

There are a few people who believe that they will both visit the restaurant on different days, and order the same menu.

Nayeon J Hope 2.jpeg
Nayeon J Hope 1.jpeg
Nayeon J Hope 4.jpeg

V was also believed to have been dating Jennie after a photo taken of them together while they were on Jeju Island was circulated online.

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