Jimin Writes a Love Letter to ARMY! He also Quotes Jungkook!

Jimin and Jungkook from BTS also completed their military graduation, as did RM and V. After the ceremony this Wednesday (17), they will be authorized to serve in their respective units. Jimin celebrated by handwriting a letter to update his fans. The following translation is as follows:

BTS Jimin Letter for ARMY

“For the ARMY

ARMY, are you all safe and healthy?

My training ends tomorrow.

It’s been almost a month, and sometimes it feels like time is passing slowly. However, since I have Jungkookie by my side, I also think time is passing quickly.

Even though it hasn’t been long, I already miss you all so much. I’ve been calling the members on the phone to ask how they’re doing, and Jungkookie is also trying hard on his military duties.

All the people say, “As expected, this is Jungkookie hyung” because he is doing really well in his military life. He gives me strength and gives me great support while I am by his side.

I’m going to my assigned military base, but I’m going to adapt and try to be okay.

Our ARMYs, please be careful not to catch a cold, don’t get sick, eat your food well and only think about good things.

Anyway, I’ll write a letter too as soon as I get to the base. I love you.

When will BTS return from military?
Due to the deadline for military enlistment for some BTS members, their activities were suspended in 2022. Since then, they have started working on solo music projects. For example, Jimin left a song called Closer Than This recorded to be released after he went into the Army.

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Even with the hiatus, BTS won many awards in 2023, in fact everyone they competed for. If the public remains interested, the group should return to operations in 2025.

“It’s not that we’re disbanding, we’re just living apart for a while,” said Suga on the live “BTS DINNER: FESTA”, broadcast on YouTube. At the same time, J-Hope added, “I believe BTS could become a stronger group this way, this is a very important moment for us and the 2nd chapter of BTS.”

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