Jungkook Explains Why He Released an Explicit Version of “Seven”

After being questioned on his live broadcast, Jungkook revealed why he released an explicit version of “Seven”.

Jungkook Seven

Jeon Jungkook, maknae of the boy group BTS, recently released the track “Seven” in collaboration with Latto, a track that took over streaming platforms and became a phenomenon in TikTok reels and videos.

The idol released two versions of the song, an explicit version with the excerpt “I’ll be f*ckin’ you right”, and the second clean version where the same excerpt is sung in “I’ll be lovin’ you right ”.

The explicit version of Seven generated some discomfort among some of the public, who said it was a “dirty” version and during a recent live, Jungkook was asked: “What is the reason for you to release a dirty version of Seven?”.

Jungkook Seven 2

When asked, the idol quickly responded by asking the public why it would be a dirty version?; and continued stating that it was just an explicit version and that when he made the song, he had doubts about which version to release and in the end he chose to release both because it would be fun.

Jeon also stated that he wanted to show a different version of himself and that because he is the youngest member of BTS, many associate him with a younger figure and he respects that, but he wants changes in his life and that is why he needs to show his other side, in order to change your image.

Jungkook debuted at the top of the competitive Billboard HOT 100 and reached first place on Spotify’s global chart with ‘Seven‘.

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