Kpop Dance Practice

Kpop Dance Practice – This month, BLACKPINK’s “How You Like That” dance performance video became the first to achieve 500 million views on YouTube, proving that dance-centered films have matured as a significant aspect of the K-pop phenomenon.

BP How You Like That

The drastically reduced visual effects and camera motions and cuts distinguish such dance clips from music videos or onstage performance videos, allowing spectators to focus entirely on the performing components in one take.

Kpop Dance Practice

These crudely recorded bonus videos had recently grown into clips with excellent production value in terms of visual and sound quality when talent agencies noticed their marketing potential and growing fan demand for them.

“The group dance is an important part in K-pop, almost as important as the song itself. When idol groups are given the opportunity to promote their new releases on non-music TV shows, they frequently do not sing the songs but instead play them in the background while displaying their perfectly choreographed moves “According to Lee Gyu-tag, assistant professor of cultural anthropology at George Mason University Korea,

“Because dancing is so important to the genre, dance practice videos have naturally become a component that fans look forward to just as much as music videos.” Kpop Dance Practice

The rehearsal films, by showing videos of stars at work, make the idols more approachable and relatable, according to Michelle Cho, assistant professor of popular culture at the University of Toronto.

Niki Chen, a New York City-based K-pop fan, echoed the sentiment: “Showing a less polished side of idols than seen in music videos demonstrates how hard they work because you can see the entire performance more clearly and notice small details of the dance. Something about it appeals to you, and it makes you want to become a larger fan.” Kpop Dance Practice


Fans can observe the nuances of each member’s actions and outfits in an artistically beautiful studio bathed in pink lights in BLACKPINK’s “How You Like That” performance clip. The dance practice video for EXO Baekhyun’s title song “Candy” takes it a step further with extravagant lighting and more dynamic camera motions based on the song’s tempo, including 180-degree twists and unexpected tilts.

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The musicians occasionally work with other YouTube dancing channels. MAMAMOO members danced alongside the primary choreographers in the famous dance account 1MILLION Dance Studio following the release of the group’s popular song “HIP” in 2019. The film was posted alongside a more traditional practice video in which members danced in “plain clothing” inside their talent agency’s building.

Additionally, releasing different dance rehearsals for the same song has become more typical. New all-female quartet Vespa also published two videos of the choreography utilized in “Black Mamba”: regular and “techwear” versions. Girl group TWICE displayed two choreography movies for “Cry for Me” with varied lighting and camera motions.

BTS Dynamite Kpop Dance Practice

The megastar group BTS released an additional dance practice video for the song “Dynamite,” which features the septet performing the “dance break” version. A musical interlude with additional choreography that wasn’t in the song video is included.

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