Best Kpop Bromance Ships 2023 (Close: January 31)

Best Kpop Bromance Ships 2023 – Kpop Bromances (Ships) are found everywhere, from within boy bands to even outside groups. We’ve collected some nominees for the best Kpop Bromance. They had excellent relationships with each other. Regarding KPop or any fandom in general shipping is often a part of how fans like to see their favourite idols interacting. Whether this is in a romantic sense or just a deep friendship, there are a lot of K-Pop pairings that fans love to see together! Today, we’re going to open a new poll for Best Kpop Bromance Ships 2023. Who are your favourite Ships? There are ten bromance ships nominees for this category. Let’s start voting now!


  • JakeHoon | Jake x Sunghoon ENHYPEN
  • TaeKook | Taehyung x Jungkook BTS
  • NoMin | Jeno x Jaemin NCT Dream
  • YeonBin | Yeonjun x Soobin TXT
  • JiKook | Jimin x Jungkook BTS
  • Meanie | Mingyu x Wonwoo SEVENTEEN
  • MinSung | Minho x Jisung STRAY KIDS
  • HaruKyu | Haruto x Junkyu TREASURE
  • WooSan | Wooyoung x San ATEEZ
  • ChanBaek | Chanyeol x Baekhyun EXO

You can vote every 60 minutes. Please comeback in 60 minutes to vote again!


Vote has ended since 1 year. Please vote another category.

Vote Timeout January, 31 2022
Vote Frequency 1 Hour (60 minutes)
Vote Status Closed
More Info Vote Tutorial (Click to view)
Turn your alarm on and set it to every 60 minutes. (As Reminder)
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TaeKook | Taehyung x Jungkook
154,595 Votes (41.88%)
MinSung | Minho x Jisung
150,168 Votes (40.68%)
HaruKyu | Haruto x Junkyu
40,720 Votes (11.03%)
JiKook | Jimin x Jungkook
21,724 Votes (5.88%)
ChanBaek | Chanyeol x Baekhyun
528 Votes (0.14%)
WooSan | Wooyoung x San
419 Votes (0.11%)
JakeHoon | Jake x Sunghoon
419 Votes (0.11%)
YeonBin | Yeonjun x Soobin
229 Votes (0.06%)
NoMin | Jeno x Jaemin
191 Votes (0.05%)
Meanie | Mingyu x Wonwoo
185 Votes (0.05%)

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TaeKook Winner of Best Kpop Bromance Ships 2023

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