Best Kpop Leaders 2024

Best Kpop Leaders 2024 – In the ever-changing world of K-pop, where the limelight is frequently focused on the attractive frontliners, it is easy to ignore the group leader’s critical position.

This leader has become a beacon of inspiration not only to their group but also to millions of fans worldwide. K-pop is no longer just a South Korean phenomenon; it’s a global force, and leading a group to international acclaim requires a visionary approach. This leader has been instrumental in pushing boundaries and exploring new creative directions. Their input in the group’s music production, choreography, and overall artistic direction has been pivotal.

Fame in the K-pop industry comes with its unique set of challenges. The scrutiny of the media, the pressure to constantly perform, and the demands of a rigorous schedule can be overwhelming. Today, we will start looking for fans’ choice winners for Best Kpop Leaders 2024. There are 12 nominees from this category come from all different kpop groups. Who is the winner? Come on, vote and choose your favorite artist to be the winner. Voting will close on June 30, 2024. Don’t forget to share and vote hourly for your favorite artist. Vote now!


  • Jihyo TWICE
  • Soobin TXT
  • Hongjoon ATEEZ
  • Soyeon (G)I-DLE
  • RM BTS
  • Yeji ITZY
  • Jungwon ENHYPEN
  • Shotaro RIIZE
  • Mark NCT DREAM
  • Hyunsuk TREASURE
  • Bang Chan Stray Kids

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Best Kpop Leaders 2024



Vote Timeout June, 30 2024
Vote Frequency 1 Hour (60 minutes)
Status On Going
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