Best Kpop Solo Song 2023

Best Kpop Solo Song 2023 – Marking another remarkable year for the Kpop industry, 2023 is proving to be a game-changer. Some Kpop Groups members are constantly producing their solo songs, and almost each becomes viral in the kpop music industry. The best part is that soloists and kpop group members release songs that excite the fans to enjoy the music.

This time, we will publish a new category, Best Kpop Solo Song 2023. There are 14 nominations in this category. Which member of your favourite kpop group has the best song in 2023? Let’s vote and support your favorite idol!


  • Jeon Somi – Fast Forward
  • Hwang Minhyun – Hidden Side
  • Jungkook – Seven
  • Kwon Eunbi – The Flash
  • Bambam – Sour & Sweet
  • V – Love Me Again
  • Lee Chae Yeon – Knock
  • KAI – Rover
  • Jimin – Like Crazy
  • Taeyong – Shalala
  • Jisoo – Flower
  • Jihyo – Killin’ Me Good
  • Agust D – Haegeum

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Best Kpop Solo Song 2023


Vote has ended since 9 months. Please vote another category.

Vote Timeout September, 30 2023
Vote Frequency 1 Hour (60 minutes)
Vote Status Closed
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V - Love Me Again
958,209 Votes (27.42%)
Jimin - Like Crazy
885,107 Votes (25.33%)
KAI - Rover
646,819 Votes (18.51%)
Jisoo - Flower
538,059 Votes (15.40%)
Jungkook - Seven
211,142 Votes (6.04%)
Agust D - Haegeum
197,788 Votes (5.66%)
Jihyo - Killin' Me Good
18,523 Votes (0.53%)
Lee Chae Yeon - Knock
12,738 Votes (0.36%)
Taeyong - Shalala
10,347 Votes (0.30%)
Hwang Minhyun - Hidden Side
7,487 Votes (0.21%)
3,880 Votes (0.11%)
Jeon Somi - Fast Forward
2,703 Votes (0.08%)
Bambam - Sour & Sweet
1,305 Votes (0.04%)
Kwon Eunbi - The Flash
342 Votes (0.01%)

V Love Me Again Best Kpop Solo Song 2023

Congratulations to V – Love Me Again as The Winner of Best Kpop Solo Song 2023.

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Donations Proof of Best Kpop Solo Song 2023
Donations Proof of Best Kpop Solo Song 2023
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Most Favorite Kpop Maknae 2023

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