Best Kpop Stage Presence 2023

Best Kpop Stage Presence 2023 – There’s no doubt that musical skills are an important part of being a Kpop idols, But there is still another equally important factor, which is stage presence. They are idols who can command attention on stage. Kpop idols talents are evaluated based on their singing, rapping or dancing skills.

They also needs to show a variety of expressions and knows how to control them to match different songs, and at the same time exude an aura, making it difficult for the fans to take their eyes off them. With so many kpop idols debuting every year, it is important to stand out. Fans remember performers who have unique characteristic. Today we’re gonna open a new poll for Best Kpop Stage Presence 2023. There are 12 nominees of this category. Who is your choice? Let’s start to vote now!


  • Jihyo TWICE
  • Heeseung ENHYPEN
  • Taeyong NCT 127
  • Jennie BLACKPINK
  • Yeonjun TXT
  • San ATEEZ
  • Hwasa MAMAMOO
  • Jungkook BTS
  • Karina aespa
  • Yeji ITZY
  • Hoshi Seventeen
  • Bang Chan Stray Kids

You can vote every 60 minutes. Please comeback in 60 minutes to vote again!
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Best Kpop Stage Presence 2023



Vote Timeout February, 29 2024
Vote Frequency 1 Hour (60 minutes)
Status Open
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