Best Video Conferencing Software for Small Businesses

Best Video Conferencing Software for Small Businesses – Over the previous year, online marketing professionals obtained an accident course in remote work.

As 2021 approached, many people had currently purchased at-home work desks, exercise equipment, and various other devices meant to earn work-from-home a bit easier.

On top of that list? Video conferencing software.

Best Video Conferencing Software for Small Businesses

Video conferencing devices saw a 500% increase widespread in 2020, consequently to the worldwide pandemic. And, as the labour force shifts to a more versatile, crossbreed model, your business must invest in equipment designed to foster partnership regardless of an employee’s place.

But video conferencing software isn’t constantly inexpensive, and the elegant bells-and-whistles aren’t always necessary for small companies looking for a simple, effective service.

Here, we’ve put together 10 of the best video conferencing devices for small companies, varying in price and features, to assist you in finding the best in shape for your needs.

But first — what are the benefits of video conferencing software, and do you need it?

  • Video conferencing is an in-person internet meeting that uses sound and video software so individuals can satisfy themselves in real-time, no matter the physical place. Video conferencing is a prominent option if you deal with dispersed groups or want to get in touch with prospects or customers but can’t satisfy in person.
  • Video conferencing offers opportunities for partnership, efficiency, and enhanced interaction with associates, stakeholders, and customers — all without the hassle (and cost) of taking a trip to an in-person place.

I could write an entire article about the benefits of video conferencing. However, for our purposes, let’s concentrate on 4:

1. Zoom

zoom Mar 02 2021 08 10 27 46 PM.png?width=1806&name=zoom Mar 02 2021 08 10 27 46 PM

However, video conferencing software can be expensive. If you help a small business with limited sources, it can be challenging to convince management that it is a beneficial financial investment. Thankfully, you do not need to spend a lot to test it out — in truth, a couple of the devices in this list are free forever, and others offer free tests.

Let’s dive right into one of the most outstanding video conferencing devices we’ve found for small companies.

Pros: If you are on a limited budget, you can’t beat the free option you obtain with Zoom, among the highest-rated video conferencing devices available. The device offers clear sound with history sound reductions, a choice to share your screen, and a tape-taping function to conserve and send out the meeting to those unable to participate.

Furthermore, Zoom has a couple of enjoyable, engaging devices for enhanced involvement amongst guests — consisting of a filtering system, responses, polls, hand increasing, and chat. Plus, you can schedule a Zoom meeting right from your Overview, Gmail, or iCal e-mail schedule.

Zoom is also a component of the HubSpot community and connects perfectly with your CRM.

Disadvantages: Beyond conferences, Zoom does not offer partnership devices such as file sharing or messaging to follow up with associates. Furthermore, the links you might’ve common in the Zoom chat aren’t conserved anywhere for later viewing. You also can’t include a conference program to the welcome from the application itself.

Overall, Zoom is an excellent option for small groups, but with your range, there are some expanding discomforts. For circumstances, you can obtain 100 individuals in a conference for 40 mins with the free variation. Still, if you have a business of 100+, you will need to pay more to increase the number of individuals.

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Price: Free for Basic, which includes the ability to hold up to 100 individuals, up to 40 mins of team meeting time, and limitless one-on-one conferences. $149.90 annually for Professional variation, which is suggested for small groups, and $199.90 yearly for Small & Med Companies variation.



Pros: Jiminy offers many unique, outstanding features that can be especially useful if you wish to use your video conferencing device for your sales group or client-facing purposes.

For circumstances, the software offers a “Themes” feature, which means your meeting tape-taping will be immediately separated right into vital parts such as “Next Actions” — for anybody who’s ever checked an hour-long meeting tape-taping looking for a two-minute discussion right in the centre, this can significantly increase effectiveness with follow-up products.

The tape-taping feature can incorporate with your CRM to immediately input information from your recordings, enabling you to decrease the lengthy job of manual note-taking. The software also offers metrics such as the proportion of talking versus paying attention to improve your sales reps’ discussion (and paying attention) abilities.

Disadvantages: The company remains in the early stages, so as they proceed to iterate and improve on their item, you might experience some expanding discomforts. Furthermore, some of these features may be unneeded for your interior marketing group if you do not intend to use the video conferencing device for possibility/customer-facing purposes.

Price: Professional plans begin at $75/month for each user if you register for an entire year; that increases to $95/month for each user if billed monthly.

3.Google Meet


Pros: Google Meet Satisfy is a highly inexpensive and user-friendly video conferencing device for small groups. In truth, if you are not interested in tape-taping or keeping conferences, the device is free forever for up to 100 individuals.

Google Meet Satisfy integrate with various other applications and also allow you to develop a customized application using Applications Manuscript. The device also comes with limitless Msn and yahoo Own storage space.

Furthermore, the device offers a speech-to-text real-time captioning feature for video chats and conferences — ideal for listening to damaged individuals, non-native audio speakers, or individuals with loud histories.

Disadvantages: The free variation does not offer the ability to record or conserve your conferences, so you will need to update if you need either feature.

Google Meet do not offer personalized configuration or education, and it does not provide the same durable features as some of the other options on this list. It also can’t support more than 250 individuals, so it will not work if you intend to hold more extensive webinars or seminars.

Price: The application is free for up to 100 individuals and a limitless variety of conferences. However, pricing starts at $8/month for each user if you want to record or store meetings.

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hey 4.png?width=2220&name=hey 4

Pros: Bluejeans, a video conferencing software produced by Verizon, offers outstanding features such as the ability to use AI and articulate acknowledgement to keep in mind immediately, create activity items, and determine critical minutes for later follow-up. Furthermore, interaction is a wind from within the device with features such as screen sharing, ballot, Q&A, and chat.

Bluejeans integrates with messaging, scheduling, and efficiency devices and offers outstanding security and scalability requirements.

Disadvantages: Bluejeans does not offer file sharing abilities, and if you purchase the Me plan, you are limited to 25 hrs of recordings. Furthermore, support is limited.

Price: $13.99/hold monthly, up to 75 individuals and 25 hrs of recordings.



Pros: LogMeIn’s video conferencing software has some outstanding features, consisting of a “Wise Meeting Aide” transcription solution that immediately transcribes the meeting so you can explore and share detailed keeps in mind with others.

You can record the meeting and store the tape-taping in your area or the shadow, and individuals can sign up for the session on a desktop computer or through a mobile application.

Overall, GotoMeeting’s HD video and sound software is top quality and integrates easily with Msn and yahoo Schedule or Chrome for enhanced effectiveness.

Disadvantages: GoToMeeting requires an error-fee information link to work well, and some customers have kept in mind that the mobile application isn’t as user-friendly as they had. Furthermore, the Professional plan does not offer transcription, taking, or drawing features.

Price: $16/user monthly, for up to 250 individuals, for a Business plan.


skype 1.png?width=1629&name=skype 1

Pros: If you actually have a limited budget and you often call individuals from around the world, Skype could be an excellent option for you. The software is free to use and does not charge users for calls to anybody from anywhere on the planet. Video phone telephone calls can also consist of up to 50 individuals simultaneously. In addition, the device is easy to install and use.

Disadvantages: The sound quality isn’t constantly excellent with Skype, mainly since Skype’s good quality is based upon bandwidth, so if users have a sluggish speed ISP, that sound quality will be adversely affected. Furthermore, since Skype phone telephone calls occur online, there is constantly an opportunity that information will be intercepted. This makes it a much less secure option than others on the list.

Price: Free

7.Microsoft Teams

microsoft Mar 02 2021 08 05 46 32 PM.png?width=2007&name=microsoft Mar 02 2021 08 05 46 32 PM

Pros: If you intend to hold large webinars or seminars with over 250+ guests, Microsoft Groups is a great device to think about. The software allows up to 10,000 individuals to satisfy simultaneously and will enable you to hold with anybody inside or outside your company.

Furthermore, Microsoft Groups enables you to arrange various divisions or teams right into “Groups” (up to a couple of thousand individuals) — within those Groups, you can have separate networks of discussions and concentrate on various jobs.

Microsoft Groups provides some outstanding features for enhanced interaction: notices, mentions, remarks, GIFs and emojis in chats, and the ability to chat one-on-one or in teams. The software also offers advanced security features.

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Disadvantages: Microsoft Groups is a comprehensive option for ensuring everybody within a provided “Group” immediately has access to all the files, keeps in mind, and networks in the Group. Sadly, that means you do not have consent setups to prevent certain users from accessing files within a team, and you also can’t welcome visitor users to selected networks.

Price: Microsoft 365 Business Basic is $5/user monthly (yearly dedication) and enables 300 individuals, but it does not consist of the advanced security and conformity features, management, or support. Microsoft 365 Business Standard is $12.50/user monthly (yearly commitment), and Workplace 365 E3 is $20/user monthly (yearly dedication) and consists of everything Microsoft Groups needs to offer.

9. RingCentral Video

hey Mar 02 2021 08 28 56 36 PM.png?width=1452&name=hey Mar 02 2021 08 28 56 36 PM

Pros: RingCentral offers HD video and top-quality sound, and it is an affordable option for a limitless variety of users, video conferences with up to 100 individuals, and up to 24-hour meeting period. The software enables you to jump quickly between mobile and desktop computer devices and provides 7 layers of security.

Furthermore, RingCentral provides personalized onboarding education and 24/7 live support, so if you feel your Group might need help obtaining set-up or in the future, this is a great option.

Disadvantages: RingCentral offers a tape-taping feature, but it is just an offline option. You need to download and install the tape-taping as a regional hard drive instead of an openly public folder like Dropbox. The software also does not come with its schedule and job management function to incorporate video conferences with your scheduled occasions — for that, you will need to download and install the company’s Glip application.

Price: $24.99/user monthly for the standard variation.

10. Zoho Meeting

zoho 2.png?width=2490&name=zoho 2

Pros: This is a great, user-friendly video conferencing software for small companies, among the most affordable options on the list. Users do not need to download, install, or install any software since Zoho is on an internet browser. The software offers all the basic features of a video conferencing device, including screen sharing and meeting recordings.

Additionally, you can use 100+ local dial-in numbers and 55+ toll-free numbers to sign up from various nations. Most importantly, the user interface is easy to browse and use.

Disadvantages: Zoho Meeting limits guests to 100. If you need more individuals compared to that, you will need to switch to Zoho Webinar. You also need to purchase an add-on if you intend on keeping over 10 recordings.

The device does not offer some of the elegant features we’ve seen somewhere else in this list, consisting of a wise aide or shadow video tape-taping. Still, this is an excellent option for smaller-sized groups that do not need all the bells and whistles.

Price: $2.50/hold monthly for 10 individuals, $5/hold monthly for 25 individuals, and $10/have monthly for 100 individuals.

Remember — when choosing video conferencing software, keep your team’s needs, sources, and requirements in mind. If you are still uncertain after reviewing this list, consider testing out a couple of demonstrations or test variations to see which feels best suited for your brand name.

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