Hottest K-Drama Actors 2023 (Close: February 28)

Hottest K-Drama Actors 2023 – During the past few years, actors from Korea are becoming popular because of their handsome and charming looks. People love to watch their films and series. Korean Drama is one of the reasons for its growing popularity.

It is safe to say that K-Drama actors are rightfully revered and tagged as some of the hottest men on earth by their global audience. Pioneering, shaping, and continuing the global K-wave with not just their amazing and versatile acting talents but also their striking good looks and alluring charms. Today we’re going to share and open a new poll for Hottest K-Drama Actors 2023. There are 12 Nominees in this category. Who are your favorite actors? Let’s start voting now

Hottest K-Drama Actors 2023


  • Ahn Bo Hyun
  • Son Suk Ku
  • Lee Min Ho
  • Ahn Hyo Seop
  • Ji Chang Wook
  • Nam Joo Hyuk
  • Park Hyung Sik
  • Rowoon
  • Song Kang
  • Lee Joon Gi
  • Hwang In Yeop
  • Jinyoung GOT7

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Vote Timeout February, 28 2022
Vote Frequency 1 Hour (60 minutes)
Vote Status Closed
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Lee Min Ho
17,682 Votes (38.37%)
Ji Chang Wook
14,175 Votes (30.76%)
Lee Joon Gi
7,537 Votes (16.35%)
Park Hyung Sik
2,993 Votes (6.49%)
Hwang In Yeop
1,131 Votes (2.45%)
Song Kang
602 Votes (1.31%)
Ahn Hyo Seop
506 Votes (1.10%)
Nam Joo Hyuk
429 Votes (0.93%)
343 Votes (0.74%)
Ahn Bo Hyun
291 Votes (0.63%)
Jinyoung GOT7
274 Votes (0.59%)
Son Suk Ku
124 Votes (0.27%)

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Lee Min Ho Winner of Hottest K-Drama Actors 2023

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