How To Change Uber Car Type? [Solved] 2022 – Best Answer

What type of cars are UberX?

You can change your Uber account type by going to the Uber website and clicking on the “My Account” tab. Under “Account Type,” select “Uber Car Type.” You can also change your Uber car type by calling 888-UBER-CITY (888-827-city), or visiting an Uber dealership.

Is UberX or comfort better?

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question, as each ride type may be better for different people. Some people find UberX to be comfortable and quick, while others find it more expensive.

What are the different types of Uber cars?

Uber cars come in a variety of different types and sizes. Some of the most common types of Uber cars are the UberXL, which is a large SUV-style car, and the UberPOOL, which is a pooled ride service.

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