Major Financial Report Reveals Expected Date for Blackpink’s Long-awaited Return

A persistent rumor about BLACKPINK’s comeback in 2024 has recently caused quite a stir on the Internet. Hana Securities, a company known for its reliable predictions of musical comebacks, claims that BLACKPINK is planning a long-awaited comeback later this year.


YG Entertainment’s Extraordinary Preparation

Lee Ki-hoon is an analyst at Hana Securities, a company that offers financial services such as advisory and risk management. He mentioned that YG Entertainment is still preparing for BLACKPINK’s highly anticipated comeback.

Potential Return Period

BLACKPINK Comeback Date

Fans around the world are eagerly awaiting BLACKPINK’s next big hit as Lee Ki-hoon said the comeback could happen between April and September 2024 (between the second and third trimesters).

Members’ Special Projects

The members decided not to work for YG Entertainment as solo members. By launching her own label, ODDATELIER, Jennie took over. She caused great excitement when she announced the release of her debut solo album. Fans are also eagerly awaiting news from Lisa, Jisoo, and Rosé about their upcoming music projects.

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