The Glory Kdrama Ending

The Glory Kdrama Ending – Korean dramas, popularly known as KDramas, have gained a massive following worldwide because of their compelling storytelling, relatable characters, and heartwarming love stories. One of the most famous KDramas of all time is The Glory (더 글로리), which concluded its run in December 2022.

The Glory Kdrama Ending

The Plot

A high school student dreamed of one day working as an architect. She became a victim of high school violence perpetrated by her fellow students. She dropped out of high school because of the bullying. She then planned revenge on her tormentors and bystanders who did nothing.
That student is now an adult. She has waited for the leader of her tormentors to get married and have a child. That child is now an elementary school student. The woman once a victim of school violence is now the homeroom teacher of her tormentor’s child. Her cruel revenge plot begins in earnest.

The Cast

The Glory Cast
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The Glory Kdrama Ending

The Glory Kdrama Ending 2

At the end of season one, part two, Dong-eun has successfully taken down all her high school bullies.
The main antagonist is Park Yeon-Jin, who, as the season progresses, we learn responsible for the murders of two people – her target before Dong-eun and another student who almost found out about the first murder.
Dong-eun slowly but surely ruins Yeon-Jin’s life by causing her to lose her job, family and freedom as she is imprisoned.
Some of Dong-eun’s other tormentors, like Son Myeong-O and Jeon Jae-Jun, are killed by or because of Dong-eun throughout the season, meaning she has achieved her goal of sweet, sweet revenge.
At the end of season one, part two and after her bullies are dealt with, Dong-eun realises she has a taste for revenge that won’t go away. Struggling with this, she tries to take her own life but is stopped, then spends time focusing on herself.

Kdramas Like a Business Proposal

The ending, although heartbreaking, was also praised for its realism and emotional depth. Many fans expressed their sadness at having to say goodbye to the characters they had grown to love over the course of the show.


The Glory may have ended, but its impact will continue to be felt in the KDrama community for years to come. It is a testament to the power of storytelling and the ability of good dramas to touch people’s hearts and leave a lasting impression.

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