Best Kpop Ships 2023 (Close: April 30)

Best Kpop Ships 2023K-Pop has taken the world by storm with its captivating music and visually stunning performances. One of the most exciting aspects of K-Pop fandom is shipping – pairing two idols together as a couple. Fans have shipped countless pairs over the years, but who will be the best K-Pop ships of 2023? Let’s explore the possibilities and see who might take the crown this year.
With so many incredible ships in the K-Pop industry, it’s impossible to predict who will come out on top in 2023. But one thing is certain – fans will continue supporting their favourite pairs and creating content that celebrates their chemistry. There’s 14 nominees of this category. Who is your favorite Kpop Ships 2023? Let’s vote now!

Best Kpop Ships 2023


  • JakeHoon (Jake x Sunghoon) ENHYPEN
  • JenLisa (Jennie x Lisa) BLACKPINK
  • TaeKook (Taehyung x Jungkook) BTS
  • ChanBaek (Chanyeol x Baekhyun) EXO
  • MinSung (Minho x Jisung) STRAY KIDS
  • MiChaeng (Mina × Chaeyoung) TWICE
  • JiKook (Jimin x Jungkook) BTS
  • SeulRene (Seulgi x Irene) Red Velvet
  • Chaelisa (Chaeyoung x Lisa) BLACKPINK
  • Meanie (Mingyu x Wonwoo) SEVENTEEN
  • HaruKyu (Haruto x Junkyu) TREASURE
  • NoMin (Jeno x Jaemin) NCT DREAM
  • SooShu (Soojin x Shuhua) (G)I-DLE
  • WooSan (Wooyoung x San) ATEEZ

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TaeKook (Taehyung x Jungkook)
80,855 Votes (44.93%)
JenLisa (Jennie x Lisa)
75,368 Votes (41.88%)
JiKook (Jimin x Jungkook)
8,181 Votes (4.55%)
Chaelisa (Chaeyoung x Lisa)
6,076 Votes (3.38%)
MiChaeng (Mina × Chaeyoung)
5,887 Votes (3.27%)
HaruKyu (Haruto x Junkyu)
1,389 Votes (0.77%)
WooSan (Wooyoung x San)
585 Votes (0.33%)
MinSung (Minho x Jisung)
553 Votes (0.31%)
ChanBaek (Chanyeol x Baekhyun)
272 Votes (0.15%)
JakeHoon (Jake x Sunghoon)
191 Votes (0.11%)
Meanie (Mingyu x Wonwoo)
178 Votes (0.10%)
NoMin (Jeno x Jaemin)
171 Votes (0.10%)
SeulRene (Seulgi x Irene)
143 Votes (0.08%)
SooShu (Soojin x Shuhua)
100 Votes (0.06%)

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TaeKook Best Kpop Ships 2023

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