Best Kpop Solo Albums 2023

Best Kpop Solo Albums 2023 – The world of K-pop is not only shaped by groups but also by the soloist of the group as talented artists. In 2023, several soloists have graced the industry with remarkable albums, showcasing their golden voice. Let’s delve into the best K-pop solo albums that have left a lasting impression on fans around the globe.

The year 2023 has witnessed a stellar lineup of K-pop solo albums, a soloists have not only showcased their individual brilliance but have also added diverse colors to the ever-expanding palette of K-pop. As fans revel in the musical journeys of these solo artists, it’s evident that the solo landscape in K-pop is thriving and continues to be a captivating force in the industry.
Here are some of their Best Solo Albums. What is your favorite Kpop Solo Albums 2023? Let’s vote now!


  • You & Me – Jennie
  • Guilty – Taemin 
  • STRANGER – Sunmi
  • RA TA TA – Ailee
  • Golden – Jungkook
  • GAME PLAN – Jeon Somi
  • FACE – Jimin
  • Zone – Jihyo
  • Floral Sense – Yesung
  • D-DAY – Agust D
  • Me – Jisoo
  • Layover – V

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Best Kpop Solo Albums 2023


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V - Layover
659,635 Votes (41.28%)
Jimin - FACE
466,834 Votes (29.21%)
Jungkook - Golden
250,415 Votes (15.67%)
Agust D - D-DAY
76,000 Votes (4.76%)
Jisoo - Me
50,486 Votes (3.16%)
Jennie - You & Me
43,144 Votes (2.70%)
Taemin - Guilty
39,381 Votes (2.46%)
Jeon Somi - GAME PLAN
4,182 Votes (0.26%)
Yesung - Floral Sense
4,169 Votes (0.26%)
Jihyo - Zone
1,620 Votes (0.10%)
1,466 Votes (0.09%)
Ailee - RA TA TA
803 Votes (0.05%)

V Layover Best Kpop Solo Albums 2023

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