BTS V confidently strode to Incheon International Airport despite being involved in dating rumors and BLACKPINK Jennie

South Korean netizens discussed V, who was recently seen at the airport alongside other members of BTS.

BTS members arrived at Incheon International Airport on Sunday, 29/05, ahead of departing to the United States.

BTS members will be joining President Biden at The White House to discuss racism towards Asians.

V was the most prominent member of BTS. This was his first public appearance since he was rumoredly to be with Jennie BLACKPINK.

South Korean media iMBC even wrote the title of the article, “V BTS, I Am a Shining SOLO”, which is a quote from Jennie’s song “SOLO”.

V iMBC.jpg

South Korean netizens responded to the article’s title:

“K-Pop idol dating culture can be so bizarre, I hope it can change, better than in America.”

“The title is hilarious, hahaha.”

“They don’t disagree with it so it’s like a open relationship.”

“He is so handsome!” “What’s wrong in dating?”

“Things like these will be written about V from now on,”

“I get goosebumps immediately when I read the title of this article, hahaha.”

“Gee! Isn’t that Jennie’s earring? “and other comments.

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