Epic! BTS dominates US Billboard global and world Charts At The Same Time

BTS dominates US Billboard global And World Charts At The Same Time – The popularity of the group BTS continues to grow. According to Billboard (June 11, local time), BTS continues its popularity by being listed on numerous charts, from the Global’ chart to ‘World’. Shown off

The ‘Billboard Global 200 Chart’ chart saw ‘Butter take 81st, Dynamite’ at 87th and ‘My Universe” at 99th. is at 60th, with ‘My Universe at 66th and ‘Permission to Dance at 145th.

The Billboard Global 200 and Billboard Global (excluding the US) charts rank music by counting streaming and sales in more 200 countries/regions. BTS’s popularity has been proven by their multiple appearances on the charts.

The ‘World’ chart began to show BTS albums. LOVE YOURSELF Cheng “Her”, released in September 2017, was ranked #5 on the World Album’ chart and #42 on the Top Album Sales’ chart. ‘BE”, released in November 2020, was ranked 6th in the ‘World Album’. In 2018, LOVE YOURSELF Zhuan “Tear” released in May, was ranked 7th in ‘World Album’ and 73rd in ‘Top Albums Sales’. MAP OF THE SOUL 7 was released in February 2020. LOVE YOURSELF Jie Answer’ was released in August 2018 and ranked 9th on the ’World Album. MAP: PERSONA was released in April 2019.

Psy and Suga from BTS’s BTS have released a collaboration song, “That That”, in April. It ranked 85th on the ‘Billboard Global 200″, 51st on the ‘Billboard Global (excluding US), and 7th on the ‘World Digital Song Sales”. .

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